librastyle is an Italian Nu Alternative streetwear brand and life project of Leslie and Nillo.
We craft, design, decorate and produce our items in our home town in the north of Italy.
We wish to deliver you somealternative and unconventional clothesfor your everyday-normal-comfy life.Because this is what we all want. At school, at work, at the gym.Alt street clothing for bold rebelsand non-conformity kids.For all those who feel unconventional and want to stand out.Those who choose dark and creepy but hide an innerlove for cuteness and colors.
🌙💜Let's give voice to this new community together!! 🌙💜

We are the NU alternative

The nu alternative is not just a goth, grunge, dark, punk or kawaii person.

The nu alternative is already happening around us and it is all these “stereotypes” mixed and matched together, creating a new stunning aesthetic without boundaries.

⚡🔥Read our NU alternative Manifesto ⚡🔥


All clothes and accessories are hand made, decorated and printed by us. We design everything in house, behind librastyle there are only 2 guys. 

Most of people think that we have a lot of stock and that we buy our items, ready to be sold. The reality is the exact opposite. We do put a lot of hand work in every piece.

We don’t do massive production and don’t outsource it.

✨🖤 Shop consciously! ✨🖤

We Do Care

We want to help saving the Earth, its natural beauties & creatures.


We have decided to do clothes bags ourselves.

This idea came after watching so many unboxing videos… damn the quantity of plastic we produce in fashion is shameful!!!

When ordering at librastyle you will receive your clothes in handmade recycled paper bags. We are working on finding the right replacement for mailbags too